Being Mindful…..

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Being mindful…..

Yes I know those two words, “Being Mindful” are much overused and diluted these days by all sorts of “flavor of the day” trendy practices..

There is actually one New Mexico “guru” who is touting the concept that one can survive being a “breathtarian”.This misguided mystic teaches that we can ingest our breath like food and actually receive physical nourishment from the practice. Of course this is ridiculous and only serves to retard the advancement of true mindfulness.

There are other elements in our present American political landscape which are waging a full on attack on the progress mindful souls have managed to eek out through their efforts to advance our society even further up the evolutionary ladder..

A truly mindful soul has no sense of ego. One need not look too far to identify the biggest ego in Washington.One need not search beneath the veneer of the present White House agenda to find the true intent of present leadership.

In the past few months we have announced our intentions to: allow the affordable Health care act to implode by lessening Federal monetary support to provide incentive for Insurance companies. These subsidies allow the insurance industry to offer coverage in poor rural areas. In compromising this support, we hurt the poorest among us .

Our President has made it clear just last week that he is no friend to the LGBT community. His new chief of staff is a vulgar, abusive egotist who is proud to say that he will not stab you in the back i f you oppose him, He is comfortable with confrontation and will stab you in the front. What an endearing quality to possess! Charming.

Frustrated by his inability to promote his personal agenda, Trump had said “You’re Fired” almost as frequently as he did on his mean spirited TV show.This new wave of inner circle are more direct and aggressive and chaos is part of the everyday scene in the West Wing. Our allies are loosing respect for America.

So,with “repeal and replace” now seeming to be dead and buried the focus is on tax reform, which translates to tax breaks for big business in hopes of some trickle down effect on the populous. This did not work for Reagan and it will not work today.

There is one item on Trumps agenda which probably will become reality. It is The Wall and it is built of distrust and fear.He will build that wall and fracture North America in a move which in truth keeps some of the honest hard working farmers out but will never stop the flow of illegal goods and criminals from Mexico. The crooks always find a way. We are throwing the baby away with the bathwater.

Here is my honest opinion, even if you hate me for it. Egotists have fragile personalities by nature. They are generally reactive not responsive, Trump has of course displayed that ugly quality time and time again. This is a case of the wealthy wanting to preserve their wealth and status and not caring one small bit about the meek and the unfortunate. Don’t believe the lies, read the truth available from a variety of sources.

Sooner or later, unless Trump gets us into a major war over North Korea and the radiation starts falling from God’s peaceful sky, mindfulness will become a major force in society across the planet. People will realize that if greed ceases to become a primary motivation for our leaders, then and only then will we find an egalitarian society capable of limitless compassion.

How about term limits and campaign reform which will eliminate the jaded, ineffective politicians we currently have in office? If we truly seek to “make America great again” why not return to common men in political office serving a few years and handing the baton to another everyday citizen each term?

Peace & Love,

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I began my study of meditation and mindfulness seven years ago after a disabling accident. My recovery was being hindered by the animosity I held deeply. I was obsessed by the idea of getting even with those who put me in harm's way, changing the future course of my life dramatically. I first studied privately with a skilled therapist who was a Zen Master. He exposed me to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. I still follow those principals in my daily life. I have also studied at A Zen Temple in a group setting and faithfully continue my practice and study. I now teach meditation and mindfulness and maintain this website dedicated to spreading peace and love to a mindful community of spiritual people.

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