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There is an old folk song I used to love when I was a young man. It is based on a Bible verse strangely enough. It is one of the cornerstones of Zen philosophy;

“To every thing, Turn Turn Turn, there is a season, turn turn turn and a time for every purpose under Heaven.”

I have come to understand that as we age the world must continue to evolve and change and it seems that the older I get, the more I long for the “Good old days”. This is simply a slice of life which is part of growing old.

If you fight it, your world becomes small and your vision myopic. It is healthy to reminisce and remember those who came before, it is unhealthy to isolate yourself into a shrinking population of like minded souls.

The Zen path to aging includes reverence for those who have passed but also an open mind and heart and a spirit eager to “lean into change.”

There is a dark side to this dynamic. Today’s generation can become hyper-focused on change. Often they become become so wrapped up in expediting change that they forget the brave souls who paved the pathways in years past. In a mad dash to fit their agenda into the limited amount of time they have available they often loose sight of what has come before..

Embrace change but do not bulldoze over the roads built on the sweat and tears of those who have come before to pioneer the way.

In my meditative mind I have come to understand that you cannot move forward without looking back gently with an open mind and a peaceful heart.

Peace & Love,

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About bob sendling

I began my study of meditation and mindfulness seven years ago after a disabling accident. My recovery was being hindered by the animosity I held deeply. I was obsessed by the idea of getting even with those who put me in harm's way, changing the future course of my life dramatically. I first studied privately with a skilled therapist who was a Zen Master. He exposed me to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. I still follow those principals in my daily life. I have also studied at A Zen Temple in a group setting and faithfully continue my practice and study. I now teach meditation and mindfulness and maintain this website dedicated to spreading peace and love to a mindful community of spiritual people.

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