Use it or loose it…..

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Use it or loose it…..
The human heart is a muscle and like all muscles you must use it or loose it. The human heart is unique. while it pumps the blood which gives us life thru contraction, we humans associate the heart with another, more difficult to explain quality. That quality is the capacity for empathy and compassion.

In our meditation groups and in private family practice I am gratified to see our members let down their walls and reach out a helping hand to those in true crisis.
Physical exercise strengthens your heart muscle but exercising your capacity for human understanding strengthens humanity as a whole. Go out and practice living a mindful lifestyle and your world will expand into a wonderful, generous, loving place.
Peace & Love,

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About bob sendling

I began my study of meditation and mindfulness seven years ago after a disabling accident. My recovery was being hindered by the animosity I held deeply. I was obsessed by the idea of getting even with those who put me in harm's way, changing the future course of my life dramatically. I first studied privately with a skilled therapist who was a Zen Master. He exposed me to the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. I still follow those principals in my daily life. I have also studied at A Zen Temple in a group setting and faithfully continue my practice and study. I now teach meditation and mindfulness and maintain this website dedicated to spreading peace and love to a mindful community of spiritual people.

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